Volvo spotting in Germany.

Old Man’s Mettle, based in Birmingham, England, is a blog on noisy music and the lifestyles and cultural pastimes that go with it. I’ve started it off with some album reviews, gig reviews, articles and interviews with interesting people who have a bit of experience under their belt, and are still making great art, or having some positive impact.

Why do it? Well, like a fool I gave myself tendonitis of the wrist in May 2019, practicing overly-hard for the new BRETWALDAS album. So, since I needed to stop playing guitar and drums for a while, I decided to just take it easy and go out to loads of gigs and drink beer for a few months instead. Then I thought, well, I can still at least use a laptop, so maybe make a blog about it, do some reviews, and interview some great people….

Music-wise, I’m rooted in the mid nineteen-eighties crossover crust punk scene, and have since gone through thrash metal, death metal, black metal, pagan metal, doom metal, power metal and now listen mainly to traditional heavy metal (a genre in which age is a benefit ), avant-garde black metal, crust punk and bits of modern classical.

To my surprise the blog sometimes gets hundreds of visitors a day, depending on what is posted. Some interviews go into the thousands. So, if you are reading this, thanks for looking, and feel free to like the Facebook page to get updates. Also, contact me if you want to be involved as a contributor.




Helsinki for BlowUp Fest, 2019.