Burning bridges and filtering out the scene police since the winter of 2001….

We grew up with hardcore punk and heavy metal in the late 80s, and in the late 90s talked about doing a band around our shared interest in crust, doom, traditional heavy metal, black and pagan metal, archaeology, British and European history, mythology etc, with a DIY attitude, and a strong sense of freedom.

We eventually started rehearsing in the winter 2001. In early 2003 we released Droner, a doomy sludgy pagan metal abomination that we thought everyone would hate, but was actually rather popular, then we released our 2001/2 rehearsal room demos thinking that everyone would hate that too, but no, then in 2006 we released Battle Staffs in The Mushroom Woods and that got a fair bit of attention – we even got to appear in Zero Tolerance Magazine and Metal Hammer. We sent copies to non-metal places too. Julian Cope liked it.

In 2010 we unleashed our heaviest and crustiest DIY album Seven Bloodied Ramparts, which sold more than the first two put together. Metal Hammer gave it a 7.5 and described the music as ‘rough as a badger’s arse, but with bags of charm…’.

After a fallow period, in mid 2018 we met up at a Discharge gig and got back to writing new material.

2020’s Kingdom of Killers EP is out now, which contains all of Wartooth’s bass-line ‘TOTP’ hits, and we’ve written the follow up Ragged Brothers which we’ll release here in 2021 or 2.

Caligari Records recently re-released Seven Bloodied Ramparts and Sunshine Ward Recordings have re-released Battle Staffs in The Mushroom Woods.