Tainá Bergamaschi of CRYPTA on new single ‘From the Ashes’, upcoming album ‘Echoes of the Soul’ and the best person in the band to get drunk with….

CRYPTA dropped something pretty jaw-dropping on the world a few days ago in the shape of new track ‘From The Ashes‘. You were probably all wondering what the other half of the Brazilian thrash band Nervosa ( full interview with Nervosa in link ) would come up with, and original members Fernanda and Luana, plus excellent guitarists Tainá ( Hagbard ) and Sonia ( Burning Witches ), have created something like all the best bits of Brazilian death metal, haunted perhaps by the ghost of the 1994 track ‘Summer Dying Fast’ by Cradle of Filth, and it features some incredible guitar-work, and seriously, we are talking damn good solos here, plus great drumming, of course, and Fernanda’s especially evil vocals, so this is going to be a very interesting album when it comes out, and you were probably right to think that this was a win /win for Nervosa fans, but it could also be a real step forward for the genres addressed by these four youngsters, and their south American ( and worldwide ) fanbase should be proud. Guitarist Tainá, possibly the youngest person we’ve ever interviewed here, takes time out from her hectic schedule to briefly humour us at oldmansmettle with questions about her influences, how inspiringly good she is on her instrument, her gear setup, and like…yeah whatever….

Solos at 2.50……Bill Steer and Michael Amott, watch out!

‘From the Ashes’….you put a lot of effort into that. Superb songwriting and musicianship. What bands, or albums, were you drawing inspiration from, with this release?

We’re very influenced by the old school sub-genres of the style. And then we also have very different tastes in death metal, Swedish death metal, Polish, or the american death metal like for example, and of course, a little bit of melodic. So the whole album will have a little bit of each of our influences.

The video is great, I guess you had fun making it? It really sends a message that you are ‘back in business’. Who had the ‘artistic vision’ for how it would look?

The director of this beautiful work is Andre Gustavo, movie director of the O2 productions here in Brazil. We knew exactly what we wanted to tell the story behind the lyrics in scenes, so we also wanted something cinematografic. We gave him the idea of the coffins, the fire, of us 4 pulling the coffins to the graves and us burying ourselves… and some of them were his idea like the falling scene. So he started planning the artistic part. And yeah, that was really fun!


All of you have clearly worked hard on your instruments. You’ve definitely practiced all your scales and modes I think?

Yes, sure. Everything we recorded in the studio had already worked a lot at home.

How long have you been playing guitar? How do you get on with your parents, and did they support you with music making?

I’ve been playing guitar for exactly 13 years. And yes, my parents are very supportive of my work.

For the music nerds, what set up do you use?

I currently use Solar guitars, model V, Seymour Duncan pickups – Ernie Ball strings. At the studio I recorded with the amazing Peavey 6505+ for rhythm guitars, leads and solos. As for pedals, Furhmman ‘’Echoes’’(delay) and Reverb.

The guitarwork and solos on ‘From The Ashes’ are exceptional, I’m reminded of Heartwork era Carcass at times, but you’ve also captured a darkness that reminds me of 90s black metal. You played in a Viking Metal band before Crypta, what was that like for you? I guess you prefer being in Crypta, so you can really play to the best of your ability?

These are very nice comparisons, thank you! Yes, I have been playing with Hagbard for a while, and I can say that I really love their songs. Always nice to be able to see them and play/listen to the songs again. But, I never look for a genre in which I have more space to abuse the technique or skills. I just wanna play the kind of music that I love and express myself through my guitar. So the reasons that led me to leave Hagbard have nothing to do with the style of the music or the limit of skills that I can put into it, and also this isn’t the reason I’m with Crypta now.

Apparently three of you don’t drink alcohol…so, who do we go to the pub with?

Me 🙂

What’s it like being ‘different’ in Brazil right now, with populism and all?

It’s been very gratifying that so many people here are following us before we even released our first album. We just hope that the pandemic will end soon so that we can get on the stage right away!

Would you ever let a boy join the band, or are boys just ‘too smelly’?

( no answer )

Fernanda worked very hard, for a very long time, with Nervosa, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that it couldn’t have gone on for forever. Now that, together, you have created something much bigger and better than anyone expected Tainá, what would you say to old Nervosa fans today?

I think it’s really cool that the fans of Nervosa are following us too, and of course, everyone who was a fan of Fernanda and Luana are with us again. So, it’s really nice when they say that they now have two awesome bands!

Take care of yourselves Crypta, I think things will go a little crazy for you in the future. To end then, what next for the band?

We are releasing our singles now and preparing for the release of the new debut album, which will be released on June 11th this year. And who knows, preparing for a new tour! 🙂 Thanks for the interview, see you next time. Take care!


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