Dave Cain of ROTUNDA – Top Ten Thrash Albums

Dave Cain, despite having spent most of his adult life playing bass in Oi! street punk band ROTUNDA, has another musical passion – thrash! Dave takes time out from drinking exotic gin, building bird boxes to a tolerance of thousandths of an inch, and writing humorous messages inside the hulls of barges to make the day pass more quickly, to write out his top ten favourite albums – in pencil ( literally ) – and then texts me the result from his phone. Is the list as old-school as Dave’s attitude to technology? And what colour is his carpet? Let’s find out….

An old school review. You gotta love him!


Hello there! In their wisdom, The Metal Gods at OMM have asked me to compile a list of my top 10 favourite Thrash Metal Albums. I don’t doubt that there will be some of you out there in Metal land that will look at this list and shout “where the f**k is ‘Surfing The U Bend’ by Violent Puking?”. “He’s missed out ‘Wings Of Death’ by Deadasadodo as well”. Well, firstly these albums don’t exist (at least not to my knowledge). Secondly, everybody is an individual with their own top 10 in mind and thirdly, I haven’t heard everything. Enjoy.

10. Gama Bomb ‘Citizen Brain’ (2008).

This is a great album from a new school band with an old school sound to them. Fast riffing meets lyrics about retro films. What’s not to love? It’s time to put on your bullet belts and thrash like it’s 86.

9. Sepultura ‘Arise’ (1991).

Chaos AD and Roots are great albums, but this is my favourite. All killer, no filler.

8. Overkill ‘Under The Influence’ (1988).

These New Jersey Thrashers have been a favourite of mine for years. I even went as far as drawing their logo on my bag when I was at college. I played this one a lot. It shreds.

7. Celtic Frost ‘To Mega Therion’ (1985).

The band that proved to the world that the Swiss weren’t just good at making chocolate and looking after your money. A slightly different take on the genre with more of an emphasis on grinding heaviness as well as speed.

6. Anthrax ‘Spreading The Disease’ (1985).

The production has a bit of ‘Cornish Tin Mine’ to it but the songs speak for themselves. Joey Belladonna’s ‘Testicle Choking Screams’ were backed up by, what probably were, the best fringes in Thrash.

5. Metallica ‘Ride The Lightning’ (1984).

A kid at school (who I owe a lot of my taste in music to) lent me this album back in the late 80’s. To get the full Cliff Burton Bass Experience I recommend listening to this beauty through headphones.

4. Exodus ‘Bonded By Blood’ (1985).

Kirk Hammet may have left to fill Dave Mustaine’s shoes in Metallica but the boys from The Bay carried on an released this gem. I love the artwork too.

This had got to be one of my favourite T Shirts.

3. Testament ‘The New Order’ (1988).

What can you say about Testment? They are a truly fantastic band. A few tracks from this album still appear in their live sets, so they must think it’s a blinder too.

2. Sabbat ‘History Of A Time To Come’ (1988).

I reckon they were the front runners of The British Thrash Invasion. Excellent musicianship, a unique vocal style and lyrics influenced by the old religion. This band will always have a special place in my heart of darkness. It was the first CD I ever bought. I actually bought it before I had a CD Player. How mad was that?

A nice brass badge which is on my cut off.

1. Slayer ‘Reign In Blood’ (1986).

There can be only one! 28 point something minutes of pure aggression. No one has ever matched it, not even the band themselves. 🤘🏻

I’ve been David Cain. Thanks for looking.

Dave Cain ( right ) with Rotunda!


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