French Heavy Metal band CITADELLE ( 2016-2020 ).

You know when you hear a song, and then don’t catch who it is, and it drives you mad trying to explain it to people? ‘Urrr….it’s French, and it’s really good heavy metal’, was all I could offer, and a bit later, ‘um, maybe they were wearing denims’. ‘…. Sortilege?’, someone might suggest. Noooo, not those sentimental put-your-lighters-in-the air purveyors of horrible romantic ballads, I’d reply. Well, anyway, long-story-short I finally worked out after four years that the song was by French heavy metal band CITADELLE, and it is the track La Mort on their excellent self-titled EP. Other than that, they are a mystery to me.

La Mooooooooooooo-rt, la mooooo-oooo-oooo-oooort.

Their only recording, the EP ‘Citadelle’ is musically restrained, but they are very good players – I really like the way they move around the guitars – and the tracks are a good mix of original technicality, sing-along anthems and fist-in-the-air Crusader heavy metal. Impressive!


I was so keen to get some more information that I was prepared for the non-interview to be conducted in French. Not sure why I’m telling you this, probably just to fill up some space with words, but I hitch-hiked up through France from Biarritz to Strasbourg when I was young, thick skinned and bold ( it was natural at that age, when you’re older you have to remind yourself to be stupidly-thick-skinned sometimes ) and managed to get by with what I learned at school, and was even congratulated on my accent. In France! But christ, these days – after two decades of living in the middle of England – I can barely remember any French at all, and when I go there, I end up feeling about as Gallic-ally engaged as a member of the English Defence League. Si humiliant!

But, anyway, Max ( guitarist / singer and presumed band leader ) agreed to the interview. I crafted some questions, sent them, and after a few days silence he messaged to inform that after all, alas, the band had decided to call it a day. So no interview, and nothing for you to read. Pas terrible! I almost feel responsible! But maybe Max will come back in some other way with a new band? Who knows. For now, check out their appearance at Pyrenean Metal Warriors Festival 2018, and if this band is new to your ears, see what you missed.

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